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If You Could Make One Change To This Message Board, What Would You Do?

Baby Dik Dik

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Ban everyone and start new. The favors certain people got over political disagreements would go bye-bye.

An IQ requirement above 80 to start topics.

Pinned political threads.

Clicking the report button is an instant-permaban for yourself.

I'm sure I could think of more with more time.

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I'm 6 foot 3, roughly 235, and a black belt martial artist. But I don't consider myself a "fighter" and I have never challenged anyone on here to a fight no matter how heated things got. It would also be extremely difficult ot explain it to my wife. "Hey wifey, I'm gonna drive 3 hours to go get into a fist fight at the Waffle House in Atlanta k?"

You're fat. Wanna get together and show off our ****** bodies at da scrip klub?

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