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Did Adam And Eve Have Sex With Their Kids?

Baby Dik Dik

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Adam and Eve were probably good to go. With no birth control and with their extremely long lives, they must have had about 35254353 kids. No incest on their part. Their kids on the other hand...I dunno... unsure.png

Didnt god make eve from Adam Ribs?

How sure are we it WASNT incest? If she was taken from the rib they'd pretty much be related before marriage.

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Back to the thread title, why would Adam and Eve have sex with their kids if they have each other?

The question you should be asking is if Adam and Eve's kids had sex with each other.

Someone, for the love of god, please explain this to me. How did it all go down? Did they have sex with their kids? Did the kids have sex with each other? How did it work?

Come on, Steve. Posting on the internet isn't like being a Christian, you actually have to read the subject matter if you want to participate.

Anyhow, just so we are clear, you believe all of humankind was created by two people who lived for 900+ years, who produced dozens of children- children who then went on to have sex with each other? And that all sorts of races of people came out of that miracle batch?

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