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Matt And Falcons Show Huge Improvement In Game Against 49Ers.

Mr. Right

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Expecting another pathetic showing by the Falcons, the Falcons actually completely exceeded expectations, especially in the last few minutes of the game. Typically, the Falcons at the end of the game, enjoy laying down like Door Matts. Falcons love to pad stats by running the hurry up checkdown offense. Gonzalez gets to add a few more catches to his resume. Matt gets to improve completion % and decrease interception % to justify his albatross of a contract.

In fact, the Falcons were on the verge of laying down once again. Matt once again drummed up the hurry up/checkdown offense. This almost led to a signature Matt finish - handing the ball off to kicker Matt Bryant until the 49ers forced the Falcons to second guess themselves by calling the timeout. Falcons came out on 4th down to throw a hail mary pick.

Couldn't believe what I saw. Was going to call in the doctors to see if the Falcons grew a pair!

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it was nice for Ryan and Koetter to grow a pair of balls and throw a pass past 15 yards

I was like WOW when they marched out the kicking team. Like Bryant needs kicking practice. It would be one thing if Bryant is a struggling young kicker and we let him practice but he's not.

I think smith didn't trust Ryan's arm strength.

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