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A Look At The Keepers And What We Do Have.

Sheldon Cooper

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QB-Ryan, Davis, Renfree

Ryan has benefited from this season in one way. He is starting to learn how to escape pressure instead of crumbling at the first hint. He made several plays against a top three defense and when he had time he made throws down the field. Davis has been around long enough that he is a veteran back up. Renfree looks like a good candidate to groom if we keep three. We are good at QB aside from an undrafted FA for camp.

LT-Baker, Holmes

It has not been pretty with Holmes but that line held up at times against a fierce front 7 in SF. They will be tested again next week. Holmes has proven to be good depth for now.

LG-Blalock, Gunn

Blalock is one of the only vets and Gunn is getting to play so atleast we know we have a depth player that can contribute if needed.

OC-Hawley, Konz

Right now it looks like Hawley is their choice over Konz. I think we have a good starter and back up between the two.

RG-_______, Gunn

It is unsettling that Konz is being rotated with other players instead winning outright. Atleast Gunn is getting time to prove himself as atleast good depth. I want a bona fide RG but I would settle for a good back up OC and give Konz another shot at RG in 2014. He needs to get stronger this off season.

RT-_______, Schraeder

Schraeder seems to outplay Holmes at times but that said I would prefer a 1st rd pick be our starting RT next year with Schraeder being young depth I have a lot of confidence in. Cyrus Kouandjio is a road grader and a raw talent in pass protection. He is my choice in rd 1.

WR-Jones, White, Douglas, Davis, Johnson

These 5 have been the most productive and I would be happy with all returning except the scrawny frail weak Douglas. That play is meant for Jones not skinny mini. Davis plays ST's and has made a few memorable catches. Johnson has chemistry with Ryan as a rookie. If i can get a big WR in rd 2 I dont hesitate and then Douglas is on the trade table or cut. If Jordan Matthews is there in rd 2 I want him. He hauls in the deep ball like Vincent Jackson.

TE-_______, Toilolo, Coffman

We are going to need a starter but having three big WR's would be just as good and a rookie could develop at his own rate. If Colt Lyerla is available in rd 4 he is a steal that I think surprises as a starter. I also see the patriots targeting him in rd 3.

RB-Jackson, Rodgers, Smith, Snelling

It will be interesting to see what we do with Jackson. Maurice Jones Drew could hit the market. A sign and cut is a possibility. Snelling may face a challenge from a late rder. Rodgers and Smith give us something to work with. I would sign Drew and cut Jackson for around the same price.


Dimarco or Ewing

Im fine with either. An undrafted player in the mix is fine here too.


Umeniyora, Biermann, Massaquoi, Goodman, Maponga

I like our depth but we need a stud to replace Osi. Massaquoi has stepped up and the rookies have gotten a lot of snaps. Brian Orakpo or Lamarr Houston would be a huge signing but it is about time we spend money on defense. Umeniyora would have to go to fund it.


Peters, _______, Babinaux, Matthews, Robertson

I know Peters just tore his ACL but I wanted us to resign him before that and still do. Babinaux I want back as a back up in Jerry's role, and Jerry I do not want back. We need to spend at DE, and DT and give ourselves a shot at a pass rush. I would love Houston here but he will make more money as an end. Peters may miss much of next year so Babinaux would be important to keep as a starter and eventual wave player. I want a DT like Calvin Barnett in rd 5 or 6 to compete. Matthews could get bigger in off season, Robertson could be on the bubble.


Weatherspoon, Bartu, _______

This staff proved it could find LB's late. I like Bosembo Lokombo as a 6 or 7 rd pick for depth. Bartu played a heck of a game vs SF. Im cool with him starting opposite Spoon.


Worrilow is good for now. He is atleast better than 3rd rd pick Akeem Dent which is sad. Dent is good depth for run situations and ST's. ILB is good for now. Undrafted free agents are welcome.


Trufant, Alford, _______, Mcclain, Franks

I would sign Mcclain for dirt cheap to be the PR and 4th CB but I would target Captain Munnerlyn as the NB. Alford needs to work hard to improve this off season. He gets burned a lot.


Moore, Decoud, Motta, Ishmael, _______

Moore and Decoud are both overpaid. Donte Whitner makes Moore look like a scrub. Atleast Motta can play some defensive snaps. Ishmael I think will be a late bloomer and be good depth. Another 7th rd pick to go after decoud's job would be good and I like Terrence Brooks or Sean Parker if they last. We can just carry 4 safeties if a surprise does not emerge.

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Thank god you don't make any decision affecting the team except for buying tickets.

1. We will be drafting in the top 10. Getting a RT in the top 10 is waste of a pick. If we pick a tackle, get Jake Matthews and move Baker over to the right side. If Greg Robinson leave for NFL early, we need to get him.

2. A big receiver in the early 2nd round? Are you kidding me? We have more hold to fill with this team. How about a RG? Gabe Jackson or Cyril Richardson. Also, do you see any big WR that is worth that pick in this year draft?

3. Releasing Steven Jackson for MJD. Trading an old leg or another old led. That made a lot of sense. Steven will be back and will be better if we concentrate on our line. No RB can make things happen with horrible pass rush.

4. So another 7th round pick safety is going to compete with Decoud for the job. Might as well start Decoud.

5. While I'm contend with the Linebacker position, we need to draft one this year. Christian Jones, Kyle Van Noy, AJ Johnson, Yawin Smallwood in the middle round.

1st: OLB Khalil Mack

2nd: G Gabe Jackson

3rd: DE Kareem Martin

4th: S Craig Loston

5th: DT Ryan Carretherss

6th: WR Kevin Norwood

7th: TE Kaneakua Friel

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