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Konz Is Injured Or Benched

JC Falcon

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Benched is pathetic.

I had faith in TD, but his lineman scouts and rankings and maybe coaching player development is just putrid.

And cornerback scouting. Franks, Foxworth, Von Hutchins, Middleton, Chevis, Asante, Dunta, Tye Hill, Chris Owens, Brian Williams, Alford, Trufant...and the only one that looks like it might pan out for more than a season is Trufant

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We Just went for a friggin PUNT on a 4th and 1 on National Stage. Hello? We are coaching to lose this game.

On topic: We are resting the old beast. They are "giving time to rookies" to tank legitimately while letting him heal up so he can play center next season and we draft or FA a RG

This is just my opinion.

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