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My Holiday Miracle - And Newest Falcon Fan ....


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Let me introduce you, if I haven’t already, to my beautiful Great-Granddaughter AvaLynn, born December 20th at 1:48pm, weighing in at 6 lb 14 oz, 19 in long to my also beautiful granddaughter, Rayna (aka Ta-Ta). I was blessed to have been by her side helping her during every phase of the birth and to witness this miracle of God as she graced us with her fiery little presence.

Later in the day, she started having trouble breathing and she wouldn’t take any food. After a few tests, it was determined that she had pneumonia and they put her on oxygen, a feeding tube and rushed her from the little hospital in Irwin County Georgia by ambulance to the Neonatal ICU in a bigger, better equipped and trained facility for neonatal care, Macon Childrens Hospital. I was comforted knowing she was going there – this is the hospital that performed the brain surgery on Timmy and also where my great-nephew, Collin was born. I knew she was going to be in good hands and I was right. I was blessed to know this and share this comfort with my distraught granddaughter and Steven, the babies father.

Nonetheless, it was a scary few days and we spent a lot of hours praying and comforting each other. Now, all is well.

AvaLynn Rae Poole came home last night. She is beautiful, fiery and strong, just like her mother. We settled her in to her new surroundings last night – and she took over like she owned the place (lol)! Her mommy’s tears are now of joy (and so are her G.G.’s (great-grandmother’s) and the house is filled with happiness and gratitude.

Keep her in your thoughts and prayers – that all will remain well and that she continues to fight and grow stronger over the holidays!

May the Lord bless your families as much as he has mine this Holiday Season! I love you guys!

A picture to truly show her beauty (yes – I went there – I’m bragging!)


Here’s my little AvaLynn at 2 days – still on oxygen but off the feeder – in her mommies arms at the NNICU. Look how aware and alert she is – amazingly beautiful! I admit though – I might be a little biased.

And furthermore - she is going to the games with me as soon as she's big enough. This one lives less than 7 miles from me - she's gonna be my Falcons buddy! I already made her a tutu and got her some Falcon onesies. And this is only the tip of the iceberg of what she's getting for Christmas (already got her Falcons rubber ducky, Falcons binky, 2 sleepers, pants, bibs and 2 hats) Here's a pic of my favorite Christmas gift for her:


My baby is Risin' UP!!!!

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