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Its My Birthday.


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And what I want, is a Falcons win. Ontop of some good things from the soon to be wife. Turning 22 today fellas. I know there are some older guys on here and know a lot and post a lot more than I so I'm not as known.

Anyway, a lot seem to want us to Drowney for Clowney. Not me. Though I think he is going to be a star, I feel regardless, picking in the top ten, is pivotal and team changing for years to come.

But I want us to win tonight fellas. And I think somehow, we will. If we don't, it will be close.

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Hahaha, I've never really been on other teams boards but I love this one. A little random stuff about me..

I live in North Carolina. Growing up when I didn't know any better, I rooted for the Dolphins. Then in 2004, I believe, when the Panthers played Atlanta to get to the Superbowl, I started liking the Falcons. I was only about 12 years old, so my reasoning was the jerseys. Favorite color is red, so that was probably why. Then I grew older and now I'm a football nerd and a draft nerd.

I've been on these forums without an account a lot, and just read a lot. But figured I'd join not too long ago and make some posts cause some of you guys seem cool.

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