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Pass Rushers?


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Do you think we should bring in one or more DEs/OLBs in draft/f.a

Like, of course in the draft a lot want Clowney..but then you have Barr,Mack, and then later there's guys like the DE from UNC, then Jeremiah Attaochu, Michael Sam, Kony Ealy, Trent Murphy, Ryan Shazier, Van Noy, Vic Beasley..etc. I know I'm missing a lot..but is it just me or is this draft DEEPER at the pass rusher position than in recent years? Would this be the year to double dip or even triple dip? Or add a dominate one via f.a (Orakpo, or Michael Johnson) and then one with our first pick (Clowney/Mack/Barr) or even wait til later and get a guy like Attaochu or Sam?

I'm just...excited fellas..a lot of first round talent. ****, I think projected second / third rounders like Attaochu or Sam are better than recent first rounders from other teams (Brandon Graham, Derrick Morgan)

Just what do you think? We are 24th in sacks I believe, maybe worse..and we get no pressure on the QB. Should we double dip? Or get one, and trust Mass/Maponga etc?

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Address the pass rush through both the Draft and Free Agency...


- Elite pass rusher (Clowney/Mack) in 1st rd

- Big-bodied NT who can take on double teams in 3rd rd

(Ryan Carrethers, 6'2 330, Arkansas St)

- Another edge rusher such as, Attaochu (depth/competition) later rds

Free Agency

- sign a disruptive force in the middle like Linval Joseph

(6'4 330 lbs) who can play both the run and pass effectively

Verdict: Games are won and lost in the trenches. The Falcons must get bigger in the middle of their defense and more explosive coming off the edge in order to build an elite defense and ultimately compete for a Super Bowl. This offseason could be the beginning of a huge turnaround for the Falcons in 2014 as they'll look to return to their 2012 form.

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