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Your All-Time Favorite Falcon Player


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I totally agree about the Mike Kenn post. That big #78 held it down. He had a good run at LT with him,Whitfield,and Weiner( I know we played RT but Vick was a lefty) so Baker should be ashamed

Forgot all about Kenn should be HOF **** give that 1980 OL with Kenn Scott Thielman , Bryant and Van Note

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Patrick Kerney. Got to meet him & talk with him for a while. Beast on the field and just an awesome dude off it.

Got his autograph. Hard hat lunch pail athlete, love what he stands for. Complete DE, stuffed the run and rushed the passer extremely well.

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Historically: Mike Kenn. He is from Illinois like me, played on the o-line (like me), played for Bo Schembechler at Michigan (my favorite college team), and was a stud for my favorite pro team.

Favorite that I have actually seen play: Roddy White. Followed by Abe, Warrick Dunn, Alge, and Ray Buchanan in that order.

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