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Your All-Time Favorite Falcon Player


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Mike Kenn who totally owned the NFL's best edge rushers his entire career, many of whom are in the HoF where Kenn himself should be if the sytem wasn't so politically misguided. I still remember that near the end of his career he still shut down Lawrence Taylor on repeated plays until the Giants just gave up testing him and moved LT to the other side of the line. Mike Kenn is one of the most underrated LT's of all time. If he played anywhere else but here, he would already be where he belongs, in Canton.

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hmmmmm, we have to pick just one?????

ok, claude humphrey........no wait, william andrews..........no wait, jesse tuggle..........no wait, claude humphrey...........no wait, william andrews........no wait, jesse tuggle........

man, I can't decide.

Honorable mentions? Fulton Kuykendall, Kearney, Bartkowski, Scott Case, Jeff "Bone" Merrow, Van Note, Mike Kenn.....so many others............ok, I give up, I can't choose

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