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Gsu's Monken To Interview With Army


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It'd be a great move for Army but I don't really see it as THAT much a promotion as far as Monken goes. Next year GSU will be on the FBS level anyway and no matter how we fair in the sunbelt these next two years I find it hard to imagine that our football program won't be trending up more than Army's will be. There is a certain amount of prestige to coaching at Army given their history and they can pay a little more I'm sure but there is also those unique challenges that come with any kind of commitment to one of the service academies. Simply put it's hard as heII to coach there. Recruiting is darn near impossible, you'll always be a players number 3 priority behind education and service which have to have major work arounds (because of their expected duties there is very little in the way of rest and recovery and lineman for instance have had trouble keeping weight.) and you will probably have to limit your goals to maybe getting to 6 wins with the possibility of beating Navy.

It's not a job to be taken up lightly. Paul Johnson did it when he left for Navy but PJ was also leaving an 1aa team to which the FBS was only distant dreams and rumors.

I expect their will be announcement by Tuesday (sometime this afternoon) at the latest. They'll probably want something definitive before Christmas.

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