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So Where Pray Tell, Are All These "holes"

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I have heard the term used before on this message board, mostly by " the usual suspects" who delight in trashing this team even though they say they are fans. I haven't paid it much attention because I tend to consider the source but today I heard it used by a local sports radio host. He said something to the effect of "because of all the holes." Now I'm not about to sit here and claim the Falcons don't have holes, I mean every team does these days but the way I've been hearing the term used, you'd think our entire roster needed to be jacked up and have a new one put under it. I just don't see it..... On offense we have a franchise QB, a beast #1 WR in Julio and decent and still productive #2 and #3 WR's in the personages of Roddy and HD. I figure Roddy has probably two good seasons left. The TE position will need work now that Tony is finally leaving but Toilolo and Kaufman look like they could take up at least some of that slack. RB is a question mark once again. On defense we have a promising young secondary with Trufant, Alford, and William Moore. I haven't seen enough of Motta yet but I am liking what I see. Spoon is not a game changing linebacker but he's solid enough and Worrilow and Bartu look to be keepers. The biggest areas of concern I see, just like everyone else does, are O line and D line.

Yes, there are some holes but I continue to take umbrage to the notion that this team is so far away from being playoff caliber again. People talk like we are Jacksonville or something! Now the "usual suspects" will chime in and start trashing most every player I mentioned......that's expected ...but really I'm still trying to figure out why folks continue to want to try to paint the Falcons as needing to be totally rebuilt. Oh and BTW, to the tankers, you can't sit there and tell me in one breath about how many holes we have and then tell me in the next one about how we should have been deliberately losing because one high draft pick player will fix everything.

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That's the way I see it too....so I can't figure out why people talk like this is a total rebuild. I'm probably as excited about our secondary as I've been since Deion was here.

Yeah Trufant, Alford, and other guys like Worrilow have me excited for the future. Changed my name to show it. lol

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I totally agree. Think Hamilton walks too. Like they announce he's gone right after the Carolina game.

Getting rid of Hamilton would almost be the equivalent of gaining an extra three or four draft picks when you factor in the players who will develop into starters under some other coach rather than stagnate and under-perform or get cut from his sorry tutelage.

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The holes are in 3 out of the 5, O-linemen, and at least 2 of our D-linemen. So that's a LOT of holes to fill in one draft/free agency. I think it's going to take at least 2 years to bring the quality of our players up to where we would be able to compete for a SB.

Also, if we think Toilolo and Coffman can take Tony G's place, we're delusional. We need a Jimmy Graham type veteran to pick up that much slack. And a running back is a must, if we expect to have a balanced attack next year. I just don't see that in Jackson and Quizz.

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Easy, OL and DL. Get those gaping holes fixed and this team is golden. Problem is, we've got a lot of holes to fill in those areas. RG, C, and OT are the most pressing needs note how that is basically our entire OL; way to go TD) and on the DL we need a DE and DT. There's no way we're fixing both lines in one offseason.

I'm hoping for a starting caliber (emphasis on STARTING) RG and DT in free agency while we take a DE in round 1. We'd be much better by doing so.

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These are our holes, that we must upgrade to be a competitive team




We need 2 330LBS + NT's to add to our Dline rotation


Decoud has to go and be replaced by someone who can tackle and cover better


We need a real FB who can help our run game, our run game has sucked since Ovie got injured and was cut.

Special teams

PR,KR specialist

Basically our entire oline needs to be rebuilt, Blaylock is the only one that is an NFL quality starter. Oline has to be the #1 priority in the off season without an improved oline we are toast

Dline, we have to get some mean nasty fat NT's in here and at least 2 of them so we can again have a decent Dline rotation. We can sign a million DE's but they will not get to the QB cause the QB can simply step up in the pocket to avoid the sack cause we have ZERO push up the middle.

Safety, Moore is good and can stay but Decoud needs to be cut loose and we need an upgrade here PR,KR and FB are also pretty big needs.

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until we draft/sign some nasty defensive players and coaches who can actually coach then we'll continue to not be feared, pass rush will continue to be a problem, we needed Clowney and somebody in the middle to collapse the pocket, I'd rather see a couple of vet free agent signings for the o-line and use the majority of the draft for the d-line, this is a deep draft for this and there's no reason for TD not to be able to load up on some quality defensive players, the filter needs to be adjusted to not ignore every potential player who gets a ticket or isn't class president, if someone is weak at the combine, then skip them, too many undersized weak linemen as it is.

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I think 4 good top draft picks and 3 good FA signings would go a long way to fixing the Oline and D-line

Problem is the Falcons are miserable at picking O-linemen

and only about 50/50 at picking D-linemen

they've already had those 4 Draft picks and missed and they have missed on several FA signeings as well

If they have learned anything it should be to get some outside help in picking linemen

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OP, instead of looking at our personnel with homer eyes, try an objective comparison of our roster with that of Seattle or SF.

now I can attest to this

I'm a huge fan of Babs

BUT the truth is that Babs, Peters, Jerry are just not getting the job done at DT

to me the DT problems are much larger than the outside rush by the DEs

this board seems to be split

many want a big DT and others want a new DE ie Clowney

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Looking objectively at the team, we are not getting an entire new offensive line in one offseason. there will more than likely be one, or maybe two new starters there next year that were not on the team this year. As far as the D-Line, until this season is over, and we are sure Massaqoui (sp), or Maponga, or Matthews or one of the 17 guys we drafted with 4th rounders and up is not going to supplant Biermann or Osi, we don't know what we have at end. We know we need at least one DT to eat space and give the LB'ers and Ends space. I think the people that are approaching this team from the equivalent of trying to play Jacksonville on Madden, and purging the roster and starting over are going to be in for a rude awakening this offseason.

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Oh and BTW, to the tankers, you can't sit there and tell me in one breath about how many holes we have and then tell me in the next one about how we should have been deliberately losing because one high draft pick player will fix everything.

This isn't a post advocating losing on purpose, just correcting the assumption that it's only about the first round. The silver lining of a high draft pick continues to accrue throughout the draft. If the Falcons end up in the #3 slot, their draft picks are:

1st round - #3 pick

2nd round - #35 pick

3rd round - #67 pick

4th round - #99 pick

A chance to get four of the top 100 players is a GREAT opportunity to land 3-4 starters. The best NFL teams are the ones who consistently get starter-quality players in rounds 2-5 because it allows a team to build depth without wrecking their salary cap. Seattle's stars include a 3rd round pick Pro Bowl QB and a 5th round pick Pro Bowl CB.

Regardless of who ATL lands in the first round, the key to whether the Falcons "rise up" back into the NFC elite next season and the seasons that follow is what TD can do with what should be high picks in rounds 2-5.

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