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Hey guys, I'm not as known, but here's my take.

I didn't want us to tank. Some of you seem to forget we have a lot of cap space. Who's to say we don't get a top tier free agent of a position a lot of you want us to draft. Maybe a guy or guys like Michael Johnson / Lamarr Houston? Brian Orakpo? Not getting Clowney isn't necessarily a death sentence. No star player is promised. I mean the pass rusher is a deep spot in this draft guys. And so are OLinemen. Which luckily is our need. Luckily we don't need CBS, WRs, etc in this draft because those positions aren't as deep.

I mean the BEST guard may fall to 2nd (Cyril) now personally, I feel with the nastiness Seattle has, I don't see him getting past them. But look at defense.. Michael Sam, Jeremiah Attacho, both broke records of some sort, both aren't projected in the first round..and DTs? Sutton, Jernigan, Donald, and a few others..first round talents. All seem to look as if they'll fall.

Now I believe the Browns, and the Jags get another win. So I see us picking 3rd or so. So we may still land Clowney.

Besides, he may drop anyway when he doesn't run the 40 or doesn't show any effort at the combine. But guys like Mack, Sam, Attacho..seem to be just as likely to have a good NFL career.

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