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Steak Shapiro Taking Over For Ray Mariner On 680 Jan. 2Nd

Shotty Nice

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The more you listen to Leo Mazzone, the more you realize that there's no possible way he ever contributed to the success of the Atlanta Braves. His moronic, non-sensical, alcoholism-related anger and ranting is the worst thing I've ever listened to in my life. He never adds any kind of knowledge to any conversation taking place, and only interjects when he feels like screaming.

He's definitely a functioning ritard. Bobby Cox probably found him rocking back and forth and screaming at himself in the corner of some seedy dive bar and instantly took a liking to him upon finding out that they had alcoholism in common. There's no way that idiot contributed to the success of Smoltz, Glavine, or Maddux. If they ever do mention his name, it's more than likely out of pity.

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Steak has a flem voice that resonates with a NY Bronx accent. Not a fan. Dimino is intelligent.

I for one liked Ray Mariner. I listen a lot, its Finneran that sounds like he is asleep when he talks--almost a lisp. Sandra wants him for some reason.

Perry laurentino and Leo Mazzone need to never go on air again

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