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Is South Africa Better Off Now With The Anc In Control?

Guest Deisel

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South Africa is an incredible place by many standards. 1 standard though is Not so impressive. Its quality of life. Standards have actually dropped in many areas since the Communist ANC took over, some 20 years ago. Is this what Mandela wanted, envisioned for his people?

As a devout communist, how could equality truely come about. Equality to a communist means equal poorness for the mass's controlled by a military run Govt at the top. How, why then is SA losing so much ground even with the hard won freedoms from apartheid?

The ANC controlled by the Bantu tribes aren't even native to SA. They are for the most part North Africans with a mixture of Arabic in their blood. The Real natives to South Africa are the Bushmen and the Hottentots. Like the Australian aboriginals, they've been persecuted and decimated over the years by the Venda's, the Tswana and the Swazis. All of these tribes are controlled by despots and warrior clans. There is NO peace there with those in charge and the Cape still populated by whites is doing far better then the Bush country.

So, my question is still, is South Africa better off with Communist in control?

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"Better off" is relative to what you are comparing it to.

Is it better off for Blacks,Mixed races,Asians...ect?

Yes. Under the new system hypothetically all of them can end up upper middle class and even rich while sharing the same rights as anyone else in the society.

For Boers?

No, because without apartheid nothing separates them from being trash in Society.

South Africa is made up of many different classes which went along with race.

On the black side you had a hierarchy of sort

Swazi Zulus

Mixed race capetonians(cape coloureds)



Other Zulu


Other Bantu peoples


Immigrants blacks

Then on the white side you had



Other British people(Scotland mostly)

Other white Africans(Ex-Rhodesians, German Nambians being the most recent here)

Other European Immigrants


The boers were the bottom of the whites, and to make themselves feel better, they set up apartheid which was a legal distinction to make sure all of the black groups were below them.

The ANC taking power ruined this fragile ego, and they were hurt the most by this. South Africa, in their eyes, was ruined from that point.

The ANC is really just a political movement to get blacks equal rights. Not really a political party in the traditional sense, but a reaction to the major issue around them.

Julius Malema, EX ANC youth leader, states it best in this video.


The ANC is the revolutionary house.

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When a country turns into a crime ridden ***-hole, everyone suffers and gets victimized. The criminal class doesn't discriminate.

Yes it does. Criminals attack low hanging fruit.

In the new south Africa blacks and everyone else finally have the opportunity to stop being low hanging fruit, and take a piece of the pie.

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Criminals attack anyone if they believe they can get away with it. Black, white, Asian etc. they don't discriminate.

You get away with it from poor people.

Look at pictures of rich neighborhoods or even new middle class neighborhoods in South Africa.;

Huge walls

Bars on home windows

Cameras everywhere

Private security teams working 24/7

The criminals dont go anywhere near here, and they never did. Blacks,Asians, and mixed people finally have at least the slightest shot at getting into these places now, and for that reason alone the ANC(who I feel are a crap party politically) has made South Africa better than it was.

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The ANC is more corrrupt then any faction in control os south africa in modern times. The lack of structure, industry, and the horid education standards are all functions of a top down, tyranical power structure, concerned only with their power. These folks have made south africa look more like haiti. The goodness of ending aparthied allowed a corrupting idelogue to assume control of a country and all the good will the world showed in apartheids retreat, enslaved the populace with even more squalor and inhumanity.

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Detroit is not much different than any American city where liberalism has been running rampant unchecked.

It's more than just liberalism. Government has always been corrupt, but these cities, run by new blood, take it to a whole other level of waste, fraud and corruption. They think, "ain't nobody around but us new folk, who'll care?" and are just silly blatant about things, figuring the local news won't do much and if any whitey at the state level complains, they cry racism, lol.

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A truth not predicated on your concern or lack thereof wink.png

My parents had it pretty nice growing up there though.

8 track stereo

Color TV in Every room

Can chew half a piece of Khat every day

The African dream niggaaa


But it's not. It's worse for some, but better for no one.

Its better for the blacks and Asians who can now make the money not to be victimized by the poor.

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