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Updated Offseason


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Asante CB

Nicholas LB

Osi DE

Matthews DE

Snelling RB


Peters DT

We are losing alot of DTs this offseason giving us a prime opportunity to rebuild our interior dline to become a dominant force. Peters is the only DT im willing to resign due to babs age, we need to youthenize our DT rotation and bring in some new talent but peters is goin nowhere but back into the starting lineup.

Hawley OC

Hawley is quickly earning himself a lable as a fiesty little force in the middle of our oline and as of yet he has become an anchor for our young linemen like holmes as well as the long time vet in blalock. I think he will make a more than serviceable starter, but make no mistake competition will be added to keep him in top shape. Konz will move to the backup RG role as ive lost almost all faith in the guy.

Coffman TE

Nothing here but a depth piece behind toilolo, i might consider a vet over coffman if the vet is a surefire blocker.

Mcclain CB

I think mcclain has been i nice change when it comes to the punt return duties, he will stay for that role and to compete to keep the nickle role as he has come on a little in the second half of the season.

Drew davis WR

Davis is being resigned to a low contract simply to fill out our depth on the WR chart. Hes had some moments this year.

Free Agency

Micheal Johnson DE

He will replace osi, i like osi but age and low production is gonna really tempt us to release him and replace him with a young stud and johnson i consider is the best available. Id also consider micheal bennett but johnson has youth on his side.

RG Jon Asamoah

I consider RG and RT our weakest links on this team right now, and we truly wanna fix this line as soon as now then we should do it with proven young vets. Asamoah is the best available and is quickly becoming a young stud, putting him next to hawley should boost this oline tremendously and even make hawley that much better.

RT Roger Saffold

Not only is RT one ofbour weakest positions on this team but saffold fits this teams player type when it comes to versatility, and saffold can play just about any position on the line. He will be our lock down at RT and schraeder will fill in as the backup.

CB Tracy Porter

The only reason im bringing in porter is to replace asante as the veteran leader in the CB crew, not only will he be much cheaper than asante but he will provide that extra push for mcclain to keep his game stepped up or risk losing the nickle role, and make no mistake porter is plenty young and good enough to steal it out from under him.


All rankings come from cbssports.com

Rd1. DE Jadeveon Clowney

Right now we sit at pick number 3 and in great shape to land the best player in this draft. In my eyes this is a no brainer pick.

Rd2. DT Aaron Donald

Donald has swiftly risen draft boards and will be a smart pick to start reloading our interior dline. This man isnt the big DT we want but he gets into the backfield with ease and his TFL statline this year shows he is a stud in the run game.

Rd3. OG Gabe Jackson

For some reason jackson has been falling in the rankings but make no mistake this guy would be a steal in the third round. Hes currently ranked as the 6th best guard and i believe that could work in our favor as i would easily take him over yankey or any other top guard in this draft. While jackson may not come in as an immediate starter, he will deffinately have the opportunity to push blalock and even possibly take over after gaining a little experience. We need competition on this line and this year i would be looking to add as much as possible.

Rd4. DT Daniel Mccullers

Im doubling up on DT this year and bringing in a stud rotation to pair with peters and donald, mccullers is a huge man and force in the middle constantly beating one on ones and double teams, he will eat up double teams and open up a whole new world of possibilities as to what our dline will be able to do.

Rd5. CB Deion Belue

Belue is a good looking prospect out of Bama and while i dont expect him to take any starting spots, he will fill the depth in nicely, which is what fifth rounders are for. He will take franks spot in the lineup and shore up our CB depth.

Rd6. OC James Stone

Stone comes in as competition for hawley, and while he will need a good bit of training up before he'll ever be a starter he will make a nice depth piece and if he doesnt pan out well hey we have alot of talent on oline after this draft. I fully expect hawley to be the starting center next year.

Rd7. OG Spencer Long

Long was considered a top prospect before going down with an injury, he will be brought in and put on IR to hopefully pan out as a nice player. High upside with this pick with very little risk.

Rd7. Comp OT Cornelius Lucas

This guy is huge at 6' 8" and 315 pounds, i expect holmes to be our guy on the left side but i dont see bringing in a little competition as a bad thing especially considering our injury situation at LT. Baker is lost to me, the man simply cannot stay healthy and a player thats always hurt is a player thats always useless. Baker will be on the roster for next 2 years at least but i highly doubt he becomes the starter again after holmes has steadily improved. Lucas will be a project but he could be activated as a depth piece should baker end up on ir again. (Very likely)

Depth chart






TE/Toilolo/Coffman or vet






















Depending on how the season plays out we may see motta or Ishmael starting at FS next year but right now i cant justify benching or releasing decoud.

What do you guys think of this offseason?

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For some reason I see them keeping osi. Hurts my eyes still seeing decoud on the roster. And I want Copeland drafted, not sure what round he would go in though.

osi i can possibly see them keeping but we've seen this situation before with abe, osi will be turning 33 and hes not putting up the force abe was.

Decoud, well unfortunately i dont see a logical answer for him right now and i dont see them throwing huge money at byrd.

As for copeland, i like him, i do. I just think the coaching staff likes ewing and they are gonna give him one more chance. I just have that feeling about him.

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Guest King Jigsaw

EIther CBS hasn't been updating or they're doing something very very wrong. Gabe Jackson isn't going anywhere. No one is gaining steam and passing him or anything like that. He's still a late-1st, early-2nd type prospect. Mocking him in the 3rd is pointless.

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EIther CBS hasn't been updating or they're doing something very very wrong. Gabe Jackson isn't going anywhere. No one is gaining steam and passing him or anything like that. He's still a late-1st, early-2nd type prospect. Mocking him in the 3rd is pointless.

i know they been updating cause he was projected a second rounder not a week ago. Id definately take gabe in the second if need be simply because i like this DT class. Id be happy with wuarles or another DT in the third.
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Free Agency looked great and the first two picks were awesome. Can't say that I love the rest of the picks though. Not a fan of Lucas or McCullers and Gabe Jackson won't fall that far. We could make much better selections after the first two rounds.

who would u take after the first two id definately still go guard and dt in the third and fourth, but theres multiple prospects that i like. Edited by ssippifalcon
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Donald just swiped about 4 BIG Defensive awards so his stock continues to rise. I think it'd be a solid pickup for us in round 2 if we can address some of our OLine problems via FA. First 2 are solid. And i agree, Gabe Jackson doesn't fall to the 3rd.

i wouldnt be against picking jackson in the second and going after a DT like kelcy quarles in the third but donald is by far my favorite DT in this class. Id be happy getting donald in the second and a whatever top guard falls to the top of the third or vice versa
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I like the picks. Still not 100% on Clowney! but I'll form my final opinion come combine time. If he's in shape amd dominates drills, I'll take that as he's motivated. I like the idea of Donald (if there), but we still need another DT beyond Peters, whether it be draft pick or another FA signing. No point in yet another late round developmental OC and OT, I think OT is a bigger need than some folks here. But if we are "rolling" with what we got, resign Hawley, still got Konz (there's OC); roll with terren jones and Schraeder

But I doubt Jackson will be there in 3rd either

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