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Mock Draft And Off-Season Moves.


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My very personel prediction of how the off-season will turn out.

Free agency: During the free agency, TD will acknowledge the problems on both lines - but he also know that we need too free some money in order to pursue the players we need.

Going in to the off-season the need are obvious.( not ranked chronologically)





Secondary needs




So what will happen?

First of all Tony is retiring, meaning we will save around 6 mio. on that. Babineaux, Peter, Jerry, Hawley, Franks, Johnson, Coffman, McClain,Gaither, Kone, Davis and Locklear are expiring - Peter is likely to resign along with, Hawley, McClain and Johnson - babineaux will proably also get an extension for less money. The rest will leave the team.

Going into the free agency with some space will allow usto address some serious issueson both lines. And here it becomes tricky. There is not enough money to strengthen both sides of the ball.

I'm not gonna list all the interesting players, I'll just predict wall will happen.

Falcon will grab the following players

Jon Asamoah OG

Lemual Jeanpierre C

Vance Walker DT

Lamar Houston DE/DT


Deangelo Hall Cb ( bringing him back short-term)

Next thing is trades and cuts.


A.Samuel cut

Reynolds cut

Lamar holmes trade ( 4th round pick)


Jonathan Martin( 3rd round pick)

The draft.

We have now strengthen our team severely. But we haven't addressed the TE issue yet - predicting that we will win at least two games this season, Clowney and Matthews will not be available when we draft - therefore we will look for a TE instead. We will receive a 5th and a 7th as compensatory for loosing Grimes and Walker.

1.Eric Ebron TE

2.Vic Beasley DE

3. Traded

4.Gabe Jackson OG

4.Daniel McCullers DT

5.Dri Arhcer RB

5.Cody Hoffman WR

6.Austin Wentworth OT

7. Christian bryant FS

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The idea is to get better this off season.


-Giving up a 3rd for Martin, who 1) isn't worth a 3rd and 2) will be cut anyway

-Drafting a TE 1st


-Holmes would not garner a 4th

--use of the word 'chronologically'

I appreciate the effort to get conversation going, but I can't buy into this even a little bit.

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Why? It would be a good asset to both the passing and running game..

Any offensive line position would be far more impactful, given this team's needs.

There's room for debate on which to do, but there's no excusing a 1st round pick that does not improve the OL or DL.

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Guest King Jigsaw

Means not listed as prioritized needs...

No. It really doesn't.

Chronological has nothing to do with anything need-based, or prioritized. It has everything to do with time.

If I go a list of events and told you to put them in chronological order, you would put them in the order that they happened, not the order of their importance.

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Dude........just no.......... I see 0-16 here........hall? You replace asante with hall as a veteran leader for our young secondary? Why not just put a time bomb in their lockers. Im cool with asamoah and the center for competition and heck even the DE is ok but to spend our first pick on a TE over a lineman is just stupid. We didnt draft toilolo to come in and learn from gonzo just to be replaced, our oline and dline issues far outwiegh every other need that we have. Dimitroff wont trade holmes regardless of what hes offered because he sticks with his picks. And martin is a straight wuss, i wouldnt trade the waterboy for martin, the guy doesnt belong in the nfl.

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Terrible..... where do I begin? DeAngelo Hall? Really? Why? We drafted Trufant and Alford, Hall makes no sense. You couldn't trade Holmes for an empty potato chip bag. Martin would just be a distraction. If we pick a TE with a top 5 pick I will strongly consider giving up football forever.

I do agree with bringing back Vance Walker.

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