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Clowney Issued Speeding Ticket (Today)


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How do you guys think that this will affect his stock with us? The Falcons filter is still very much in tact, do you think TD will make an exception and look over the red flag(s)* and draft Clowney?

*by posting this thread I am not saying that I believe the ESPN rumors are true,

** but this is a kid that knows he is under the spotlight.. yet he still sped

***yes i know speeding is very common, but it's the principle that might cause him some trouble

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Guest King Jigsaw

A speeding ticket? Well, he's off my board now.

That piece of **** wouldn't be my pick in the 7th round.

55 means 55, not 68 assface.

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No. I'm saying he did nothing that most of us don't do at some time, but that will not be the last time he makes news of a less than positive nature. I'm sure more serious issues will crop up in the future.

because you don't know him or how he acts off the field. he's not a party guy. He's not a drinker. he's not a druggie. he hangs out with his teammates and his girlfriend. seriously. stop slandering a man you never met.

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