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Our Next Opponent................the Redskins

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Sup guys, i'll be at the game sunday. I'm a huge Redskins fan lol. I bought tickets back when I thought this game would have playoff implications but unfortunately both of our favorite teams have taken a turn for the worse. Nevertheless i'm still excited about the game RG3 or not I'm hoping for heavy dose of Alfred Morris. Good luck, see yall soon and happy holidays.

PS how big of a crowd do you think will be there ad if there are a lot of no shows can I stroll down for better seats lol?

Depends where your seats are. If you're lower level already, sure. But, if you're upper deck (300s), they do check tickets to get into the 100 and 200 levels. They might not care later in the game though I suppose.

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This is the last chance to win a game this season. Why is anyone hoping we get lucky enough to win and go 4-12? 3-13 gets us at least the second pick. The other busters of the NFL will win at least 1 more game, including the Jaguars.

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