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Falcons Slated For No.3 Pick.....

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I'm glad to see we're more likely than not going to end up with the following this offseason:

A stronger idea of what our young players can do best.

A high talent pick (Clowney, Matthews, whomever, heck we may get the option to trade down a pick or two as teams will be all over this qb class)

Some cap relief to bring in real line talent....O line or D line, both are needed.

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Here is why I think at #3 we still land Clowney. I have much more detail in a thread in draft/FA forum.

#1 HOU - Guarantee they take QB first. Coach is gone, team announced Schaub is gone after season. Keenum is fall back if QB isnt ready day 1.

#2 STL - They will trade the pick. CLE, MIN, OAK and JAX have all made it public knowledge they want to make a move to get a top QB in this draft. Another thing to consider, STL could also go QB here. If not, they need to commit to a new deal for Braford, yuck.

#3 ATL - Here goes Clowney. only other guy I cold see is a tackle, and they have cash tied to Baker and like Holmes and Schreader. They are desperate for a pass rush, and Clowney will create a buzz in the fanbase. I know people hate on CLowney, but unless he fails drug tests, gets arrested or breaks something before April, he is the first non-qb off the board.

IF Dimitroff does not take Clowney, he will trade the pick....for a ransom. You just cant pass on his potential to take another player, unless it is a QB.

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