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Best And Worst Player Of The Year

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The best player on this team is Matt Ryan. His protection is gone. His running game - gone. His best targets - gone. And yet he continues to produce enough to rank in the middle of the pack of NFL QB's. Give credit where it belongs. He maintains a steady stance and acts like a true leader. IF Dimitroff fixes he OL, Ryan's stats will rank among the top five next season.

The worst player on this team is Garrett Reynolds. I can not believe that he has not been fired. He has been brought along slowly and carefully, yet he continues to look like an amateur. Given his bloodlines, I expected at least a mediocre performance. I wish him luck in life, but I do not want to see him dressed in Red and Black anymore.

Thomas DeCoud has been a disaster this season. If it were not for Reynolds, DeCoud would be the worst player on this team by a long distance.

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I've gotta say Matt for best. The fact that he's not in traction right now is a miracle.

For the worst... Well there are a lot of candidates but I've gotta say Reynolds. I mean when you get benched for Peter Konz, then get another chance, then get benched AGAIN for PETER "5 and 1/2 Reps" KONZ.... You friggin suck.

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