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The Recipe For Success Against Cheeseheads


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Rodgers is out! how do we win this one? Packers are 0-4-1 in the last 5 games. Our defense usually makes terrible QB's look great or above average. We saw Alford play awesome against the Bills, should we start him?

I'm not sure I would have said Alford was 'awesome' against the bills... Manuel left a couple of fairly easy plays out there by throwing inaccurately to Alford's man, although over the course of the season I think he has definitly done enough to merit more playing time... at this point it's very hard to see what we gain from Asante Samuel getting so many snaps.

As for the real recipe for success against the Packers: RUN THE BALL... I've watched the Packers play the last two weeks, and a few times earlier on in the season too, and they might be the worst run defence in the league!

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