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Tuitt Or Hageman?


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As of now im on the the side of taking a pass rusher or DT with our first.

I know a lot of guys here are a fan of the smaller DT's. And although I think a guy like Sutton can possibly be turn into a good pass rusher, fundamental I think its smarter to go after dt's with the strength and size to take up blockers and create push in the middle.

My question is which of the 6'6 300 plus DT's in hageman and Tuitt do YOU think would be the better player in the middle or do you have another guy that can fit this mold.

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I'm leaning that way as well but im wondering if tuitt's experience lining up at De guves him any edge as a pass rusher

I honestly haven't watched Tuitt as much as I have Hageman. But from what I have seen, Tuitt seems to have a little bit more power, where as Hageman is a quicker with better hands. I'll have to watch more on Tuitt this year though.
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IF he declares (and it's a big if), definitely Tuitt. Hageman is crazy overrated. His stock is as high as it is based on potential, not evidence.

One year wonders always scare me but I have to admit his potential almost looks to justify an ea

rly selection. One thing I didnt see much out of tuitt that worries me was his use of the bull rush. As big as he is he seems to try to fall in love with his athleticism more than often.

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I want Haggeman. In several of his game films you can see his power as he flat out puts the olinemen on his back. Dude will be a force. Love him for his power and size.

For my second I'd take Sutton and I think he may even be a better pick, Dude is a baller right now and will make an immediate impact. Love him for his heart, high motor and skill set.

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Defensive tackles

1. <a href="http://insider.espn.go.com/nfl/draft/player/_/id/34106/dominique-easley">Dominique Easley, Florida

Probably won't be a first-day pick after a midseason knee injury, but could be a steal on Day 2.

2. Aaron Donald, Pittsburgh

Doesn't have the size to anchor well against a double team, but can shed defenders with his hands and has the quickness to make plays.

3. Ra'Shede Hageman, Minnesota

A freak athlete at 300-plus pounds, he's ultra-quick and disruptive, but has the size to not give ground.

4. DaQuan Jones, Penn State

He's got a lot of athleticism at 320-plus pounds, but will push the pocket with power.

5. Daniel McCullers, Tennessee

A massive human at 6-8 and well over 360 pounds, he can eat blocks and hold down the middle of the line. Just not too agile.

6. Will Sutton, Arizona State

I thought he was more disruptive last season when he played a little lighter and showed more quickness.

7. Caraun Reid, Princeton

Too quick for some blockers at this level, he can get in the gaps and convert his quick burst to power.

Top non-seniors

1. Louis Nix III, Notre Dame

That rare entity, a decently athletic two-gap tackle who can disrupt a run game and eat up blocks.

2. Timmy Jernigan, Florida State

Shows off a lot of quickness and the ability to disrupt the run game, even though he can be a little slow off the snap.

3. Kelcy Quarles, South Carolina

Has been really productive and can make plays in the backfield. Overlooked with Clowney around.

4. Ego Ferguson, LSU

Has been productive against the run, controlling his gap and doing a good job pursuing the play down the line.

5. Anthony Johnson, LSU

Lost weight and the quickness has followed, but isn't yet the interior pass-rusher I think he can be.

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