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This Packers Fan Sounds Like He Has Tankeritis To Me

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From the Packers Web site. I was there looking for news on Rodgers starting/not starting against the Falcons this week when I saw this:

Link: http://www.packers.c...bf-03e66d88c7d6

Quit? With the playoffs still within reach?

Posted Dec 2, 2013

Beat the Falcons and hope the Packers get help from the Eagles

Adam from Odessa, Ukraine

We know you love December football. We know coaches focus on the season at hand, as it affects their won/loss record. We know players want to play to improve their contact value. You, McCarthy and the players would want a strong finish to the season because it is in your professional interests, so someone better be looking after the long-term interests of this franchise and the viability of next year’s team, and that better be Ted Thompson. I find it hard to believe Thompson is more concerned with winning out and praying for the mathematical conundrum needed to take this injury-plagued team to the postseason than he is about protecting the investment in Rodgers, fielding a healthy team next season and moving higher up in the draft. Thompson should be positively salivating at the prospect. Only delusional fans see us in the playoffs now. Pull Rodgers, Matthews and the injured starters. Give the backups some experience (win lose or draw). Get healthy. Get better draft picks. Concentrate on 2015. Come on, Vic, call it and stop acting like a desperate fan.

If yours was a lone email, I would’ve ignored it, but it’s not a lone email. The tenor of your email is dominating my inbox this morning. They poured in over the weekend, and every time I heard the little bell in my phone ring to announce another email had arrived, I heard the word “quit,” and it repulsed me. I am saddened by what you are suggesting. For the first time in the three years I’ve written this column for packers.com, I am ashamed of its content. Quit is dominating my inbox because those who advocate it are afraid of hope. They’re too afraid of failure to continue trying. They want to announce to the football world that defeat is now the goal. Never will I agree with you or anyone else that wants me to condone quitting on a season when the playoffs are still within reach. You’re asking me to quit on the story, and I won’t do it. I reported to work this morning to cover a team that’s sole focus this week is to end it with a victory. I wish more fans felt the same way.

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Now, if I was a Packers fan, I'd be clamoring for Rodgers to get back in and make a run at the division title- Chicago is beat up and Det is well, Det. If the playoffs are possible, you go for it. After you're eliminated from the playoffs, then you think about playing the youngsters and keeping your key players healthy.

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The people in charge in Green Bay said they would shut Rodgers down if they were out of the playoff picture. That is tanking as the big wigs are making it clear they're going to prevent their best player from playing down the stretch if things don't go there way, not fans wanting their team to play hard but to play as many of the younger players as possible to see what we have which will likely lead to be more coveted draft slot.

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