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My First Ever Falcon Game !


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I would like to say that the game was amazing enough for me, the comeback, the overtime, clutch plays everything made the experience that much better. I got a ton of photos, and I was rocking a William Moore jersey, when they where warming up Moore pointed me out and was tapping his chest, it was so nice that the players take time to notice the things like that.

I've been wanting to plan a trip to Georgia for a game but I was unsure if it would be worth it, but after I met this big group of Falcons fans from Georgia that I chatted with and had a beer after the game with, it insured that I would be making the trip soon enough, they where so polite and told us how the experience was different. I've been a fan for 17 years, this was the first time that I was able to go to a game and have the full NFL feel (without the tailgating) in my life, and I didn't want it to end !

Finally, I'm going on record to say that there was more Falcons fans their then Bills fans, every time Atlanta made a big play everyone was going nuts, I seen such variety in jerseys, it shocked me, I had a William Moore, but I seen Weatherspoon, Bartu, Worrilow, Bryant, Jackson, Decoud and I even bumped into Roddy White's mom (I'm assuming since her jersey said White's mom) the whole thing is amazing, and I'm looking forward to the trip that I am going to plan next season to come down to the Georgia dome and see our boys play.

Thanks again those fans from Georgia for the great experience and the great conversation, you people from Georgia don't know how fortunate you are for having our Falcons right in your back yard! I'd be their every Sunday Rising Up Win, Lose or Draw ! Rise Up !

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Yeah I was there too rocking my primetime jersey. I saw a lot of falcons jerseys there too. Probably one of the best games i've ever seen and i never really though trufant was that good until I saw him play yesterday he was great in coverage.

Ya, it was amazing, I seen a Brett Favre Falcons jersey too lmao, I seen a lot of primetime as well, My fiance was rocking the Matty Ice jersey haha it was great. Trufant is sooooo good it's crazy lol.

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