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Goodel, S T O P Going To Other Countries!


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Watching the game on TV, I couldn't help notice all the empty seats, yes, not a great marque matchup but it should still sell out! Indoors no less! This venture then the London venture soon (3 games next year?). Wanting to put a Super Bowl in another country?? What happened to buy American? Keep it in America too! Is he just padding the pockets of small market teams? ie.Buffalo? What are they 1-6 now playing in Toronto? Yes, they lose that "Home" town advantage! So he is hurting those fans. & what will be the decision when a West Coast team has to travel to London on a consistant basis? They will eventially claim "jet lag" or have other issues....you can't blame them & its not fair to anyone. Put a team in LA before thinking of "outside the box" Fans drive this league...chime in!

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