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Saw Some Things This Last Couple Of Games

egoprime II

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We lost to the Saints...but it was not the blowout many here thought it might be.

Even though thier pass rush and run game were very good, we still managed to beat the Bills. Thiose two strips of the ball by our DBs were amazing plays to make at the end of the game like that.

Our run game has stepped up. Weatherspoon and White are back. White is still not up to speed, while Spoon showed that maybe, just maybe, he is the leader on our D.

Obviously the issues with pass protection and run D are still there. But in these lasts two games our Falcons are finally showing some signs of life. An ability to overcome adversity, win on the road, and a desire to play better and win. A desire to fight. Maybe play with a little pride even?

No one can say if this is going to continue, but the signs are encouraging. I certainly feel better about our team now than I did before we played NO.

This situation might be comparable to our 1997 season, Reeves' first as HC. We lost Jamaal Anderson early and with him our run game tanked. Reeves lost his first eight games here (something like that). Then Anderson came back. With Anderson, the Falcons went on a winning streak and ended up 7-9.

The next season in 1998 our Falcons went 14-2, and went to the Super Bowl.

Not saying that is happening here....but it kind of feels the same, in a way.

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