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Kobe Bryant Won't Apologize For His Contract, And He Shouldn't

Bill Brasky

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Kobe Bryant has heard all the criticism that has been lobbed in his direction since he signed a $48.5 million contract extension with the Lakers. "Selfish," they called him, pointing out how his giant contract will limit the Lakers in free agency. Kobe Bryant thinks that all his critics can go ahead and choke on it.

Kobe spoke with Yahoo Sports last night, and he dropped some truth bombs about his contract situation. Specifically, he defended himself by pointing out just how ridiculous it is that the NBA's collective bargaining agreement is designed to ensure that players like him are always underpaid:

Read the rest here: http://deadspin.com/...e-sh-1472538795

I agree with the author that Kobe shouldn't apologize for getting every last dollar out of the Lakers. That team is gonna suck for the next few years, but at least Kobe will still fill the seats. Players like Kobe, Lebron, Durant, etc. are way underpaid for what they do for the sport of basketball and the NBA brand, in addition to what they do for the owners of their respective teams. I've never liked Kobe, but even I can't deny that he helped fill the post-Jordan void with some remarkable accomplishments and highlight reel basketball.

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