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Mock Draft 1.0


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Let me preface this, by saying if Clowney is available well pick him. He's the Julio jones type of impact player on defense. I'm assuming in this mock that he's not. I also think we could go after Michael Johnson whether we draft Clowney or not. We need athleticism and skill at DE rotation, not a constant flow of 5th round picks

Well, looking into the 2014 Atlanta Falcons needs, we have to balance the horrid season we've had, with the fact that many if our 2013 draft picks and UDFAs got valuable playing time--or on the job experience if you prefer:)

At first glance our needs are this:

1) OL

2) DL

3) LB

4)WR or TE

5) possibly secondary.

6) RB

1) OLine is simply in shambles. Baker has succumbed to injuries once again, we have a rotating door at RT. And Reynolds maybe the worse RG ever. Blalock is still solid. I'm torn on Konz, as we are in such disarray it's hard to give up in a 2nd year player. But the question remains is he a RG or a OC. Holmes, IMO has flashed ability. I think another off-season of NFL conditioning, coupled with this years "on the job" training will yield dividends.

But one thing to consider is Mike Johnson should return next year, Hawley has been an improvement at OC. And perhaps, Konz's spot is RG instead of OC. Lots of questions here. Also, I'm convinced that Pat Hill is the issue. This is not a well coached line.

Verdict: Great Need; 2 players needed in draft or FA

2) Unlike most who point to DE as issue, I posit the real problems start inside. Let's face it our DTs aren't great. Peters is good, but Babs is overrated (plus a FA), Jerry a bust and very little size to free pass rushers.

And Osi has not been terrible in the least, Kroy will be back and do we move on from Goodman, Massaqui and Maponga? Possibly. But the fact remains,even though Kroy will be a huge boost and beefing the interior line might make all look a bit better; Massaqui has been a disappointment and Goodman and Maponga have not emerged as legit pass rush threats as of yet.

Verdict: Great Need

3) Linebacker is very interesting as Worrilow has really emerged and Bartu has shown he's a legit rotational player. Weatherspoon may be allowed to walk due to dollars versus production due to injury and Nicholas is done for. Dent seems destined for life as a STs and spot duty type LB

Verdict: Great Need; one starter and depth

4) WR is interesting because JJ should be back, Roddy hopefully healed and HD83 has shown value. Also darius is looking promising. We could use a deep threat who doubles as returner. But the question is this? Beyond JJ who can stretch defenses? We have, beyond JJ, a bunch of quicker than fast guys

TE is one that's hard to predict. For one how does Koetter (or his replacement) intend to use TEs? TG was a special talent. Will we look for a receiver type or more traditional. This could easily be a FA pickup. Toilio is a good looking player, going forth, but I think his ceiling is limited

Verdict: A Need from depth and speed perspective

5) Secondary is a bright spot IMO. The back to back cbs we drafted are keepers. McClain has a future. Assante may be done. So could see either a FA pickup or mid round draft pick

Safety spots, one has to wonder if Decoud is the man going forth. But keep in mind the DL and LB spots were so besieged by injury and issues that it's dangerous to make rash cuts. I see a vet brought in at Sl not sure we draft any this draft

6) RB is interesting because we first have to determine if it's our OL that's the problem or the rbs--or a combo of both. I'm taking the stance that it's the wrong year to draft a rb early. Maybe a late round prospect.

Verdict: Not a great Need; maybe a late round flier



Number 1 target is Michael Johnson. The bengals can't afford him, after wrapping up Dunlap and Atkins. They also drafted Margus Hunt to replace him. Nolan sees the versatile and athletic Johnson and Blank sends the plane....

Michael Johnson signed 5 years $52 Million , ($24 M guaranteed)

--this is close to what the Rams paid Chris Long

Arthur Jones, DT/DE: 4 years $22M (12 m guaranteed)

I stole this from GDawg. Like him I'm not sure he even hits FA. But this is a versatile player.

Re-Signings (major)

-Corey Peters (3 years 9 m)

-Mike Johnson (1 or 2 yr deal)

They'll be other signings, but these are the two major ones. Coupling Johnsin and jones with Osi, re-signing Peters at a reasonable number and with the return of Kroy, the DL is taking shape


..the falcons, like all lust after Clowney, but the draft falls like this:

#1 Overall Jacksonville Jaguars select Teddy Bridgewater

--on a team this bad they need help everywhere. They draft Bridgewater to start anew

#2 Houston Texans select Jadeveon Clowney

--texans have visions of Watts and Clowney terrorizing offenses for years to come.


#3 overall the Atlanta Falcons, select Jake Matthews OT, Texas A&M ; 6'5" 305 lbs

--say what you will, but one problem we've had with our franchise QB from day one is protecting him. Matthews is a clear upgrade at either OT spot. He's powerful at run blocking, smart , good feet and excellent in protection. He also excelled at both RT and LT in college and is durable. I see either baker moving inside or competing with Holmes at RT. I think Holmes wins.

--if Clowney is not available this is a nice consolation

#35 overall: Trent Murphy, DE/OLB Stanford; 6'6" 261

-- Trent Murphy is equally suited to play 43 DE or 34 OLB. Think a more talented and bigger he stronger Biermann. He can beef up and play 34 DE as well.

--Johnson, Biermann and Murphy can all play OLB, which allows Nolan a variety of ways to deploy his new plethora of pass rushers

--he's relentless, but raw. Not elite speed, but good speed, nice athleticism and huge wingspan. Could easily see him and goodman line up as 34 DEs on occasions

--he's not Clowney, but we bolster our pass rush and add a versatile tough player

RD. 3 Jeremiah Attaochu, DE/OLB, Georgia Tech

Height: 6-3. Weight: 242.

Attaochu is fast and is very athletic. Fiery kid who plays well in space. Has nice coverage skills. Was converted to DE this year, but is better suited to SLB in 43 or OLB in 34...well use him as both.

Round 4. DeAndre Coleman, DT/DE California; 6'5" 320 lbs

--I wanted to go guard here, but I think with mike Johnson returning, the drafting of Matthews we could see either baker, Konz or Johnson take over for Reynolds. There's a good possibility that Hawley stays at OC and Konz is our RG.

--adding Coleman adds size, and versatility to our DL. Coupled with jones signing and Peters at a decent price we've gotten stouter and versatile

--yet another guy who can play multiple spots

Round 5. De'Anthony Thomas*, RB, Oregon 5'9" 170 lb

--perhaps the fastest guy in footballt. But durability and size concerns will knock him down in draft. Could line up in slot, backfield and return game.

--kinda of a Danny whitehead or a problems type player, best utilized in a variety of ways.

RD 6. Danny Shelton, NT Washington , 6'1" 327 lbs

--big old fireplug. True NT

RD 7 Spencer Long OG, Nebraska 6'4" 315 lbs

--tore an ACL early in season. Tough road grader, who had improved his pass protection. Definitely a "prospect" but would have been a top 100 pick had he not got hurt. This may be his " redshirt" pro year

Well that's it. Hope you enjoy.

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So you just acknowledged that Reynolds has to be replaced, and that the OTs might be OK, and you solve this by drafting an OT at #3, and drafting an OG in the 7th?

You didn't read it all the way obviously :) Note the competition at G if Matthews is drafted. Konz, Baker (possibly) and Johnson.

And Matthews is a clear upgrade over baker or holmes

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stopped reading at babs being overrated. seriously?blink.png

He is. Does he penetrate well? Yup. Dies he consistently make big plays? No. Also he's undersized. It's not like he's geno Atkins. And to boot, he's aging. Time to move on, and get more size. A guy like Arthur Jones and Coleman would be much better suited to our team, which struggles generating pass rush and stopping the run.

Of our DTs only Peters seems worth retaining

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He is. Does he penetrate well? Yup. Dies he consistently make big plays? No. Also he's undersized. It's not like he's geno Atkins. And to boot, he's aging. Time to move on, and get more size. A guy like Arthur Jones and Coleman would be much better suited to our team, which struggles generating pass rush and stopping the run.

Of our DTs only Peters seems worth retaining

does he have any help in the interior. nope and hasn t in some time.

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Our O-Line would be a trainwreck again next year if that is the solution, I fear. A rookie OT might help, but it is not the answer.

Putting 3 new rookies would be a worse train wreck. If we can get Clowney I'm all for a G. But Matthews is a clear upgrade over both our Tackles.

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I would honestly like to trade back if Clowney is off the board. I really don't think Smittyball would let Matthews take over the LT position. It just seems to make too much sense.

Lol you're prolly right--I hope you're not. I had played with a scenario with us trading with Cleveland but too early to speculate on that.

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