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Mike Glennon Rookie Of The Month, Lavonte David Nfc Player Of The Week.


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Glennon have progressed really well in the passed 4 weeks and made a believer out of me. Some people are saying that he's better than RG3 and that the only two QB drafted in the past 2 years that are better than Glennon are Luck and Wilson. David has been quietly having a monster year and have been one of our best player on the defensive side.

Stat Tracker just for Kicks:

#1 Sean Lee (because EnRave said so,currently injured):

Tackles -64

Comb -93

Asst - 42

Sacks - 0

Int - 4


#2 Luke Kuechly

Tackles -59

Comb -93

Asst - 34

Sacks - 1

Int - 3

FF- 0

#3 LaVonte David

Tackles -70

Comb -99

Asst - 29

Sacks -5

Int - 2

FF- 1

David looks like having a better year than two but he probably won't get DPOY because in 3..2..1..

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Because the Bucs suck.

Lol but seriously though, congrats.

It's ok David > Kuechly anyways biggrin.png

From Pro Football Focus


Lavonte David‘s impact on the Tampa Bay blitz game is seen here — leading the team to a league-high PRP among 4-3 LB units, David has racked up 23 total pressures on just 77 opportunities. The only player ahead of him (with 31 total pressures) is Von Miller, the one-man hybrid defense who — in the five games back from his suspension — has come after the QB 159 times.

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Glennon's got a good shot @ OROY if he can keep it up in December. I'm just afraid he and the entire team are gonna revert to their usual late season tumble and go 0fer in December, leaving us right back to where we started.

David better make the Pro Bowl this season!

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