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Director Of Player Personnel


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No knock on Lionel Vital, but its probably save to say that Falcons Director of Player Personnel will not be leaving the Falcons to become a GM of some team this offseason. Giving the way the season has gone no team will be looking our way in search for their next GM. I do give him and his staff credit for finding some talented UDFA this offseason though.

Over the past 5 seasons not including this one, we were one of the few teams to reach the playoffs every season besides one (to include being the # 1 seed twice). With the success came the attention. Over the last 5 years we have lost some key components to Dimitroff personnel department (Bears GM- Phil Emery, Rams GM - Les Snead, & Jaguars GM - David Caldwell)

I believe Lionel Vital a understudy to Ozzie Newsome and Bill Bilichick will get the personnel to turn this ship around. I remember when the 96-97 San Antonio Spurs was decimated by injuries to key players such as David Robinson and loss a lot games only to be fortunate to draft Tim Duncan the following season. I'm not saying it takes one player, but with the right moves we should be right back in the hunt.

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