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Predicting The Draft Slot


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1 Jaguars 2-9 0.523

2 Texans 2-9 0.549

3 Falcons 2-9 0.564

4 Vikings 2-8-1 0.529

5 Buccaneers 3-8 0.569

6 Redskins 3-8 0.500

So here it is as of Week 12 (assuming 49ers beat Redskins tonight). Here are some factors going forward:

the Jags and Texans play again so one of those will get to at least 3 wins.

the Bucs are playing pretty well so they likely get to at least 4, if not 5 wins.

the Vikings could manage to win a couple of games (Home: CHI, Phil, Det/ At: Balt, Cinci) with some good play. They catch Bears w/o Cutler probably.

the Redskins are in the NFC Least so they could get a win or two in the dvsn, or none.

So if Falcons lose the remaining games they finish 2-14 and lock in at #2, unless Jags AND Texans both get a 3rd win and we get #1. There is zero chance we finish with a lower SOS% than those two given the remaining teams on each ones schedule.

If Falcons win just one more to get to 3-13 then we drop:

to #3 if Vikes get another win and Skins also, but Jags and Texans just get to 3 or less.

to #4 if Vikes finish 2-13-1 and Skins get a win

to #5 if neither Vikes or Skins get another win

to #6 if Bucs fail to win a fourth game and our SOS# manages to be stronger than theirs

Falcons still play Skins, Bills, Green Bay, 49ers, Panthers. Although possible, I doubt we defeat Bills; Green Bay is likely to have Rodgers back for our game in their house so I doubt we get that W either, then we have our likely best shot at a W by hosting Washington, before our last two beatings begin.

I can't see our offense scoring enough versus the Bills, 49ers, and Panthers defenses to get a W.

Green Bay is going to be a tough one to have any shot at. Redskins in our house are the best chance for a W.

If we get a W, but lose to the Skins so they get to 4 wins we are a lock for no worse than slot #4

Skins have Cowboys, and two against the Giants, us, and Chiefs.

If Minn can beat Chicago it helps greatly.

We could get #1, but realistically have to finish 2-14 to do so, and it is a low chance to get #1

we have a fair to good chance at #2 pick if we finish 2-14

if we get to 3-13 then #3 - #5 are all likely slots; if Skins and Vikes both get one more W then we are locked in at no worse than #3 even with a 3-13 record.

The Rams own the Skins pick in the Draft; given the fact that the Rams do NOT need a DE at all but could be interested in a QB, or a stud T creates some potential options if we finish in a slot below the Skins.

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Guest King Jigsaw

Did you really type all this out and use the term "dvsn"? Dvsn? Really?

Are you allergic to vowels or are you really just too lazy to type the word division?

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Did you really type all this out and use the term "dvsn"? Dvsn? Really?

Are you allergic to vowels or are you really just too lazy to type the word division?

Yes, I typed all that out... so obviously I am not too lazy to type words in their entirety. I also sometimes use abbreviations along with entire words when writing. I find it amusing that you felt compelled to point out this one facet of the entire post. I'll try to do better next time...
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Let me wait and answer this after the Jags and Texans play again haha

But honestly I think Houston might have the best shot. They look AWFUL. They could be laying down to get Teddy. With that F and their skill position players, he'd get them right back into contention.

Plus it would be hilarious if they snipe Jacksonville for the #1 QB

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I think that we will finish with a 5-11 record. My guess: we pick 8th, with no partners to trade down.

Players to choose from:

Mack, Nix, Lewan, Mosley, Barr, Kouandijio, Erving, Beasley and Tuitt.

The best player on that board would be Mack, but I think we draft Nix.

How could you see THIS team going 3-2 to finish after going 2-9 with the Jets, Tampa(2X), and the Rams early vs. the Panthers w/$cam Newton, Packers in Lambeau with Rodgers & Matthews back, and 49ers in San Fran left? Also, why in the world would this team want Nix? His injury problems are pretty well documented annnd he plays for one of the most overhyped teams in football. They passed on injury-proned guys last year and I see them continuing that trend.

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