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Official Tatf Toronto Thread

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Okay - so I thought I'd try to keep all the discussions about the upcoming game / plans for this upcoming game on one thread.

Who else is planning to go?

Where are you staying & who knows what events are happening on Friday, Saturday and Sunday??

So I'm a broke Grad student - and with how disappointing this season has gone --- idk if I can shell out $300 to go to the game but I'm going to try finding reasonable tickets to be there and experience this one time deal with the Birds coming to Toronto.

To help pay for my weekend, I am regrettably auctioning off my Julio Jones autographed authentic jersey :(

It is an XL in men's (which has NEVER been worn) -- bought it at a charity for $500 a couple years ago to support some kids & get my favorite WR's jersey hung on my wall.

But alas, it is time to move on.

If anyone of you in the GTA wants it (and wants to help a fellow Falcon fan) make it to the game please let me know! I'll start the price @ $300 but shoot me an offer!

Also I read leading up to the ARI game some people got info where the team was staying!

Anyone who finds out where we can cheer on the team downtown / when they arrive please post!!!

Final question, Is there a TATF meet up planned at all?? I remember the thread discussing this months ago when the schedule came out but what's up???

This is definitely NOT what I expected or hoped for before the season but TORONTO RISE UP!

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