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What Does Matt Ryan Say When Hiking The Ball?


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A little random I know, but I was told by someone that Matt says "let it go" at the line of scrimmage instead of "ready set hut."

Is this true? I can't seem to find confirmation. To me I believe I clearly hear him saying ready set but.

They come up with names for hot reads the week before and if Ryan sees a certain defensive set he calls audibles---I have heard Chevy and other random names

also dink, dunk screen that goes now where and 3 and out

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He says all kind of things which have been mentioned in this thread. We don't know how many of them are audibles and how many of them are just dummy calls. It's part of being an NFL QB. Peyton Manning is about to take the field. Listen to how many different things he calls out before the snap. It's the same thing.

Yep , and of course if anyone here thinks they mean the same thing every time he calls it is extremely ignorant. I try my hardest not to hold it against them though.

All in all good people here , just extremely emotional and half the time they can't control their emotions.

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