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Top Ol Fa... Anyone Have Pff Grades For Em?


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Rather not spend big money on a top tier LT, when we can Holmes can handle the left, and we can sign a RT for cheap. I'd actually just be interested in signing Anthony Collins, Eric Winston, or Goeff Schwartz, for RT, to take over if Holmes has to take over for Baker. The preffered option of course, would be if we could just let Schraeder handle it, but I'd still prefer veteran depth. Then we just need to sign the best RG available, and draft a talented OG, that can play either position, and take over for Blalock eventually. I'm kinda torn on the center thing, right now, so I won't comment on that.

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I'll list their overall and their pass/run block grades. It won't add up exactly because they also use a screen block grade and a grade for penalties, and those both go into the overall too.

Albert: +11.4 (+14.2 pass block, -2.6 run block)

Smith: -12.3 (-7.1 pass block, -8.5 run block)

Mack: +10.9 (+2.9 pass block, +7.3 run block)

Monroe: +10.5 (+5.0 pass block, +3.0 run block)

Oher: -8.1 (-0.7 pass block, -12.1 run block)

Veldheer hasn't played this season, but this was his grade last year: +22.2 (+17.8 pass block, +3.1 run block

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