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Ryan Wouldn't Play Another Snap If I Were Blank

Boogie Man

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I'd send down the edict to bench the best starters. If you pull a QB from a blowout win, why wouldn't you pull him during a blown season.

I know players and coaches are competitive as all hail, but as an owner, your focus is on the overall product. Blank will still own the team when Ryan's inducted into the HOF :) So why risk injury.

As an owner, there is nothing, absolutely nothing! positive that could possibly come from winning out.

Play the backups, don't waste time watching guys next pre-season who won't or shouldn't make the team, weed those guys out now, find out what backups could possibly start and which ones need to be cut before camp, after the draft.

Why risk an injury, seems stupid. Send guys out to give it "their all"....for what? Personal pride? That's where an owner needs to be strong and say "too bad, I know you wanna get out their and give it your all, but it's my team and I'm not risking losing my best players with zero chance of reward" "I didn't become successful in business without knowing a thing or two about risk-reward scenarios"

Long winded, frustrated like everyone else smh

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Blank doesn't need to be involved in any football decisions. Period. He tried that bush it years ago and he sucked at it.

I can't stand sorry as tankers. Fk tanking and anybody that thinks we should. Please delete thread.

You and I don't agree a lot but on this one I got your back all the way .............play to win the games and try to figure out the problems so they can be fixed in the off season ......next year will get here sooner or later

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Why would fans pile into the stadium to see a no-name back-up Qb...as well as a bunch of other back-ups?

The main goal of the NFL is to make money.

You also don't bench a $100M qb because the season is getting too hard for him. With JJ out, that leaves Ryan, White and Tony G. as the main draws, to draw the fans in.

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See post # 5.


I like you Monoxide. You don't have a lot of talent, but you're on these boards everyday... Working your a** off in defense of Matt Ryan.

I appreciate that.

For what it's worth I would ban you daily if I could. Guess we are both fortunate huh.

Hey bro. If that's how you feel.

I got nothin but love for the good people of this message board.

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