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The Double Edged Sword Of Fear And Discipline


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It appears that the players are playing with fear. When players are always worried what the tape will show, they think too much and try to avoid the embarrsment of taking a risk. This results in a lack of the extra effort needed in this game to make the difference. Your at your best in sports in the "zone". This was evident in many ways last night;

1) Lack of Interceptions and takeaways.

2) Matt Ryan sliding on 5 yard line.

3) Not going for it on 4th and 15

4) Matt Ryan not throwing deep.

5) Steven Jackson not wanting to fumble so too conservative.

6) Offensive line always hesitating instead of getting a holding call.

7) Linebackers staying in position instead of reacting to a specific play which allows long runs.

8) Special teams not even making any difference whatsoever in a game.

The coaches try and instill disciplined football which is good but the benefits curve starts to get reversed at some point, which is now for the Falcons, principally because of losing record.

One of the main reasons that coaches loose the heart of a team.

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