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It's So Bad That We Have Stooped To Moral Victories.


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Yea!! We got a "moral" victory last night in Atlanta.

Lets pop the bubbly.

A team that many considered SB favorites before the season gets a loss at home to a division rival and it's a moral victory.

I think I'll just stay away from the internet for a few days because if I read that one more time I'm gonna puke and ruin my keyboard.

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Yes, things are that bad, so put your big boy pants on.

We're not going to make the playoffs, so in my book, I'd rather see them play with heart like they did last night and just lose by a few bad plays and calls, than to win a meaningless game in ugly fashion.

Okay, not meaningless, we all always would prefer to beat the Saints, but when winning is only going to hurt draft position, it's not hard to look on the bright side that the team didn't just give up and showed some positives to build on.

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We are the best 2-9 team in the NFL.

I'm just so PO'd that we're not getting the RESPECT from the media or the power rankings.

We could easily be 11-0.

ok rant over


After the first 5-6 games I said the same thing, that they had a chance to win every game they lost if a few things go differently, but how lousy they've played since Julio went down, they've destroyed any respect we'd gotten.

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You can stay away a lot longer than a few days. Be my guest. Last night was mission accomplished to me. Preserve draft order and play competitive, see what kind of pieces we have for next year. Darius Johnson and the other rookies look like they are starting to get it.

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