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Another solid gane for the Rook.

Aints came up with a couple nice plays to goat rope

him, and I can live with it because that is some highly valuable experience.

PW finished with 9 tackles a couple of push outs,

and I believe 1 TFL in the 1st qtr ?

This kid has the attention of the entire NFL and

will inspire all UFA's for years to come.

Also important is the Draft Metrics will now elevate

players and reshape the draft.

Props to Nawlins for not running up the score on us.

Good Sportsmanship.

Aside from the O Line I can live with this game.

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When he starts making stops behind the line of scrimmage, then ill get excited. Right now he's piling up numbers because no one else will tackle. The only things stopping our opponents are #55 and the end zone grandstand

Excuse me I believe that he got a TFL in the first unless the runner snaked it back to the LoS.

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