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Miller2Rison Scouting Report: Mike Smith


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ok so since our season has been down the crapper i have been spending the last couple of weeks watching certain football games as more of a scout and less as a fan, i stared off by watching the SC vs Florida game to scout Clowney, tonight not only did i watch the game as a fan but i also watched as a scout

tonight's scout subject: HC Mike Smith

The question is should Mike Smith return as the Falcons head coach as in 2014 or be let go after the disapointing season?

My take;

Mike Smith's record speaks for its self, at no point can you say he is a "bad coach" this will be the first losing regular season that Mike Smith has ever had as a head coach in the NFL.

I wanted to scout Mike Smith in this game because if he could not get his players prepped to play the Saints then he has lost all control but he did come out and out on a good showing, although we lost. Mike Smith has done a good job in putting us in position to win games ever since he has been HC, obviously this year we have been hit with the injury bug.

Smith is a winner, there is no denying it, 5 winning seasons, 3 division championships, 2 NFC #1 seeds, and 1 NFCCG appearance all with QB Matt Ryan.


Mike Smith once had a lot of fire which seems to be lost, he's only won 1 playoff game as HC, and my biggest question is, is Mike Smith the one who makes personel desicions? Decoud should not be on the field first off. Second, Smith gets one carry and balls, then sits on the bench? Snelling makes plays in the game then sits on the bench? take a page out of Sean's book, one of the best offenses in the league is so good bc their whole talent is utilized, ours is not.


I think Smith can be a successful HC in the league but we have to start utilizing our talent and stop letting it go to waste, the best thing of the season is we get to see diomands in the rough and then add high draft picks to them but all in all i stick to my first assesment of Smitty, come back for one more year and anything short of a playoff win be shown the door.

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