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Billy Ocean

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The white BBQ sauce thing in Bama has always been strange. Ive seen so many cooking shows say that is the main bby sauce used there. I was born there, still have family there, and have eaten bbq there countless times but have never seen somewhere selling white bbq sauce

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what do ya mean?

Just the demeanor is completely different, people seem to have accepted to the fact that they are in a shiityy position, will always be there, and refuse to try to do anything about it. Going to Wal Mart? Why bother to put on any sort of decent clothing? I'll just use my bathing suit top and my Mountaineers fleece pajama pants! Now, I know this is common in many places, but up here it's the rule, not really the exception.

In the small counties up here, the board of education basically rules the whole area, mainly because they'll be the largest employer in that county. So getting elected as the Superintendent basically means you run a whole county.

The wealth disparity among individuals is glaringly obvious. Either you are really well off or you are poor as ****. The people with the money do an excellent job of keeping it from the people without money.

No zoning laws (at least in my town) so you'll have a row of nice houses built in the late 1800s/early 1900s then right in the middle of it, you'll see something stupid like a single wide trailer attached to a brick chimney (yes that's a real thing).

Now, the energy industry is bringing a lot of money up here, so these people who were once almost destitute, are now getting $500,000 lease bonuses for their old 100AC family farm and now people have the money to move to a bigger city or a different state.

Also, I'm not 100 on the demographics, but it seems as if all the young people are fleeing the state as well, while the old timers are just kinda sticking it out for their remaining years.

Coal towns look deserted because a lot of these mines are either getting shut down or downsized.

The countryside is beautiful, probably about as pretty as I've ever seen, but a lot of the times there's people living in the hollows (see "hollers") who don't leave their house for weeks at a time. I went and did some leasing (for oil/gas company) and these people are truly one of a kind.

At any rate, I could go on, but I won't bore you with a lot of details. Bottom line is that it just feels like a whole different world up here for most of the state. Cities like Charleston and Morgantown, although few, are actually pretty nice.

The law firm I work at is pretty big and most of our offices are in larger cities, so I don't really venture out much unless I'm going to go hiking, kayaking, camping, or something like that.

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