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So Who Can We Replace Decoud With?


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i dont see us drafting a safety high in the draft pick but maybe if we make a trade or bring in a FA, who is going to be available? i would say that if we just fixed our DL Decoud would be better but this dude kinda sux, he looks like one of the worst FS's i have ever seen this season, if u cant make a play on the ball at least try to make a tackle. So anyway, is there anyway we could bring in Raji, Clowney, and replace Decoud?

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Your high tolerance for pain isn't going to make Burnt French Toast play/taste any better.....Ever !

At this point it would be wiser for Blank to pay him to go away hand in hand with Baker.

Just saying lol it's a bad season for everyone. Even our 100 million dollar QB. I'd like to see how he does next season before cutting him. We should sign a vet to keep him on track. Worked with Sanders and Hope.

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