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Update On Those Free Clear Falcons Bags


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There was a link posted here months ago with a website from the NFL that was promising free 2 clear Falcons bags per customer, due to the new league rules.

I'm not really in the mood to talk about the team right now and I just happen to think about this. If you don't like this topic then boo hoo.

Anyways, for those of you who signed up on that link did you ever receive your bags? Like I said I just remembered this and I haven't received any bags yet. I signed my wife and I up so I should get four total bags. I know it said it would be weeks for delivery but I'm pretty sure it was posted before the season.

If you could let me know your situation I would appreciate it.

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Meh,,, I think they figured out that a clear plastic bag and fingernail polish remover

was not a good combination, especially when all you needed was a few sticks of chewing gum.


Name the missing ingrediant.

Wax Paper Milk Carton. 8 ounce.

#2 Lead Pencil.


Freaking point is, if somebody wants to do something they will

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Glad to know I'm not the only who got shafted. Giving out personal information in the promise of receiving something and not receiving it isn't something I like to do. Thought this was legit and could be trusted. Obviously, they weren't saving money by shafting us on the bags to sign a FA that would actually benefit the team. I said I was going to talk football and there I go.

Thanks for the replies, guys. Looks like we got left out. sad.png

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