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Off-Season Plan For Success: Mock 1.1


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Let's face it, this team is terrible. No more excuses. No more bailing out Mike Smith, Thomas Dimitroff, or any of the 53 players on this roster. This team needs a lot of help, very fast.

I realize it is early November, but that is what this season has come too, seeing my team get outplayed every game. We lack heart, toughness, killer instinct, and plenty other things. This team has a lot of needs, and a lot of things need to be addressed to get back to winning football games, and being competitive in December and January. We will start with Free Agency, and player Cuts.

*Pardon me if there is any mistakes*


Thomas DeCoud, FS. - I am sick and tired of this guy, he cannot tackle PERIOD. He has lost his play making ability as a FS, and this will save us some cap space. He is all hype and talk, no heart or game.

Steven Jackson, RB - The Steven Jackson experiment didn't work well in the ATL, mostly due to the blocking, but we need to get a young RB in here, with a revamped O-Line. This saves some cap space.

Asante Samuel, CB - I was a fan of Asante's until I watched his performance this season, this team needs to get younger and start rebuilding. He has been burned numerous times this year, and he is brittle. It's time to give Alford and Trufant a chance.


Johnathan Babineaux, DT - One of the bright spots on the defense, he disappears at times, but with another dominant DT next to him, he will have opportunities to flash.

Chase Coffman, TE- Coffman and Toilolo will compete for the TE job.

Robert McClain, CB - Solid slot corner, and good depth.

Drew Davis, WR - Solid Player, depth.

Corey Peters, DT - Depth

Mike Johnson, OL - Assuming he is healthy, he will be solid depth for our O-Line.

Joe Hawley, C - Depth

Let Walk

Jeremy Trueblood

Brian Robiskie

Peria Jerry

Omar Gaither

Dominque Franks

Patrick DiMarco

Kevin Cone

Tony Gonzalez

Free Agency Signings

Randy Starks, DT. - The pass rushing DT we have always needed is right here, Randy Starks already has 3 sacks and a forced fumble this season, and has always made a habit of getting to the passer. Starks would make our defense a whole lot better.

Fernando Velasco, C We all know what a joke Peter Konz is, he has been TERRIBLE. This team misses Mud duck very badly, and we need to upgrade the line badly. Rather than wasting a draft pick on a center, we need to draft a veteran to lead this line. Velasco (UGA Graduate) has been with the Steelers, and has been one of the bright spots on that line, and he could fit will here. Alex Mack, and Ryan De La Peunte are better options, but I don't see them leaving their respective squads.

Jacoby Jones, WR/KR - Jacoby Jones is a special player in this league, and he gives the Falcons something we haven't had in AGES, A SERIOUS, Kick off/punt returner. Jones can be had for cheap, and he isn't a half bad reciever in his own right.

Ryan Mundy, FS - Mundy has been a solid player filling in for the injured Kenny Phillips for the GIants. He may not be a long term solution at safety, but there is no way he is worse the DeCouldn't.

Draft - With this draft I am predicting we end up with a 4-12 record, and the 4th overall pick in the NFL draft.

1st - Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina

No explanation is needed here, the best defensive player in the country falls to our lap with our first selection. He has had a disappointing 2013 season, but he has been hobbled, and he has been seeing a lot of double teams. He is a physical specimen that might finally give us a pass rush worth a ****. He could make a real big difference on our defense.

2nd - Cyril Richardson, OG, Baylor - Richardson has been playing extremely well in 2013 for the Bears paving the way for star RB Lache Seastrunk. We need more help at the Offensive Line position, and Richardson's 6 foot 5, 335 pound frame is huge.

*Meet Cyril -

3rd - JuWuan James, OT, Tennesse - JuWuan James is one of the most underrated tackles in college football, he has been a stellar rock on the Volunteer line all season, and didn't allow a single sack against Clowney. He is 6 foot 6, 332, and he is the perfect fit for RT on this team

4th- Davante Adams, WR, Fresno State - Another underrated player in CFB is Adams. He has been the go to man for star QB Derer Carr, and is only a Sophomore, assuming he wants to come out this season, Adams would be a good addition for this team. Roddy and Julio just aren't what they used to be, and with losing Gonzo, Matt Ryan needs more targets. This is also another higlight film you need to see!

5th, LaDarius Perkins, RB, Miss State - Even though teams are selling out to stop the run of State this season, Perkins still have averaged 5 yards a carry, and has played well. Perkins is the explosive, shifty, 3 down back we have need here for years. If you haven't seen his highlight reel, make it a priority.

6th - Beau Allen, DT, Wisconsin - He is no JJ Watt, but Allen is a good player in his own rate holding up the interior line for the Badgers this season, and adds some depth the DT position.

7th - C.J. Copeland, FB, LSU - This team needs a star FB to lead block, and DiMarco is not the answer, Copeland and Ewing can battle it out to see who is better.

*With this off-season, we improve the run game that is so terrible, and we get some help with the pass rush with Starks.

This mock also improves the worst Offensive line in football history, with significant upgrades in many positions.



QB - Matt Ryan

RB - Snelling/Quizz/Perkins

FB - Copeland/Ewing

WR1 - Julio Jones

WR2 - Roddy White

WR3 - Adams

SLOTWR - Douglas/Jones

TE - Toilolo/Coffman

LT - Lamar Holmes/Sam Baker

LB - Blaylock

C- Velasco

RG - Cyril Richardson

RT - JuWuan James/Schraeder


DE - Osi

DT - Babineaux

DT - Starks

DE - Clowney

OLB - Weatherspoon

MLB - Paul Worrilow

OLB - Joplo Bartu

CB1 - Desmond Trufant

CB2 - Robert Alford

SLOTCB - McClain

FS - Ryan Mundy

SS- WIlliam Moore

Special Teams

PR - Jacoby Jones

KR - Jacoby Jones

K - Matt Bryant

P - Matt Bosher

Well there you have it!


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I really like your mock and what you did with the O line. The only things I would say I don't think Richardson will last that long. Also I see no reason to cut Franks, we need a 4th CB and despite the crap he gets from the board he is a very good option as a backup CB IMO.

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I like our FA pickups, but I wouldnt let SJAX go. Instead I would cut Snelling. And I would go After Byrd instead of Mundy.

we would not have that kind of money...

I really like your mock and what you did with the O line. The only things I would say I don't think Richardson will last that long. Also I see no reason to cut Franks, we need a 4th CB and despite the crap he gets from the board he is a very good option as a backup CB IMO.

Very good points!
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QB - Matt Ryan

RB - Snelling/Quizz/ Carlos Hyde (Ohio St. 3rd round pick)

FB - Copeland/Ewing/ Love Copeland (270 pounds) but he will go before the 7th. We could probably get him with one of the compensation picks

WR1 - Julio Jones

WR2 - Roddy White

WR3 - H D

SLOTWR - D. Johnson

TE - Toilolo/Coffman

LT - Lamar Holmes/Sam Baker

LB - Blaylock/Konz

C- Mack/Stone (5th rd. Tenn.

RG - Cyril Richardson/Johnson

RT -J. Ashomah/JuWuan James/


DE - Osi/Maronga

DT - R. Hedgemen(1st rd. 6:6 315 Minn.) C.Peters

DT - Starks/Kyri Thorton (7th round

DE - M. Johnson 6:7 (FA) /Goodman

OLB - Weatherspoon /Attachou (G.T. 4th rd.)

MLB - Paul Worrilow /low FA

OLB - Orapko/Joplo Bartu

CB1 - Desmond Trufant

CB2 - Robert Alford/ C. Davis Auburn {draft pick}

SLOTCB - McClain

FS - Ryan Mundy/

SS- WIlliam Moore/J. Thomas (6th round}

Special Teams

PR - Dri Archer (Kent St. draft pick)

KR - Dri Archer

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I like this idea, but risk losing out on a possible all pro DE this team has been missing for years?

as good as it may sound getting 2 elite type guards in the same draft I just don't think you can pass on Clowney. I'm not a huge Clowney fan but I would take the risk(and there is a risk) in bringing him here. I REALLY like Demarcus Lawrence from Boise State.
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I like almost everything, but I don't want to see Lamar Holmes ever again in a falcons uniform.

Holmes has been decent. I know everybody wants instant success but sometimes it may take a year to get some experience under the belt. I don't think he is our future at LT though. Solid solid backup. Pretty much everyone on our line is a backup anyways. We missed on Konz
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Dude I don't know what to think about Clowney. Considering we are offensively built i'd rather fix that with 2 Elite OG prospects and just hope that the introduction of a DT like Hageman or Nix is enough to Solidfy DT. I mean Peters and a big runstuffer would be awesome in the middle for us. Would free up Osi and Mass. Not to mention the LBs who can be very disruptive.

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