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Will Declod Start This Week?


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At least Moore can draw a penalty and a fine from Goddell.

DeCarp does nothing cept dance like a Poodle.

DeCoud was in on more tackles in the first half than Moore. He has been wrapping up for the last few games. DeCoud played better than Moore.

But, like you pointed out, Moore gets a pass because every-once-in-a-while, one of his hits connect.

On the first TD run by Rainey (sp?), guess which Safety missed the tackle? Both were in frame, but only one had his hands on the RB. At least DeCoud was being blocked. Moore had both hands on the RB, and he slid right through...

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Why does Moore get a pass? He's been just as bad as decoud. I just reached the game, and Moore was horrible.

For the record, I think a ton of the problems with the safety play is a byproduct of other defensive issues, combined with young players at other positions.

Agree and it's not the first time he's stunk up the field this year. I don't know what his problem is, but I'm like you he shouldn't be getting a pass in here for his sorry play.

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