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Panthers Being Jinxed This Week.

Big Bubba

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Pats are considered the underdogs coming into this game.

Most are picking the Panthers to win.

Some site comparing our defense to the 85 freaking bears defense.


Chicago allowed an average of 12.4 points per game then. Carolina, through nine games, is giving up 12.8 a game now. Against the run, it’s a dead heat, too, as Chicago gave up 3.7 yards per carry and 82.4 per game, while Carolina is at 3.8 and 82.0.

No one rushed the passer like Richard Dent & Co. in Buddy Ryan’s 46 defense (64 sacks), but the Panthers, with their elite edge combination of Charles Johnson and Greg Hardy (52), aren’t far off the pace.

After years of seeing my team fail to meet high expectations............... a win tonight would renew my faith when it comes to having high expectations. A loss would be just another one in the pile when it comes to huge games.

Go Panthers!

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