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Did Anyone Else Notice

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Good response. I agree Ryan got a contract which placed him among the top QB's. I don't think he has been worth a top-10 QB contract considering his poor performances and sub-par record in big games, especially in play-off games. In fact, not only has Ryan failed to lift his team to a higher level from normal, regular season games, he himself has contributed to big game and play-off losses with his sorry play and turn-overs. I would probably be a lot more sympathetic and supportive of Ryan if he were making about $10 million per year, but not at $20 million considering the "consistency" which you ascribe to Ryan and that you say places him among the very top group of QB's has emphatically not been there in the "money" games. Those are the games that must be used as a measuring stick for the highest-paid QB's, not having an impressive regular-season record against the bottom-feeders of the NFL.

I understand 100 percent of what you are saying. However, I think people really tend to lose perspective depending on which side they are looking at things from. I don't know what you do for a living, but I doubt you would cut your last raise in half. I'm sure it may make your employer happy, it may make the stock holders happy but I doubt it would be ok for you. Ryan got what the market demands. I turn on the radio/news these days and hear people left an right talk about money and what they earn and what's theirs and not the governments. Talk about a professional athlete then everybody has a problem with an individual making "xyz" dollars.

I don't mean to get political, but to think that instead of $103 million Matt was going to sign for $51.5 million (which was less than his rookie deal) is just not realistic. If you don't have a successful regular season, then you don't get to go to the playoffs. Matt and the Falcons are not having a successful regular season right now and that's what a lot of people are upset about right now. Not the lack of playoff success because we don't even qualify for that. Its like the idiom "You never miss the water till the well runs dry." I'm not saying its over for good, its a bad season. That idiom holds true.

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all those bumps and bruises Matt has been sustaining are washed away after a Sunday afternoon shower. None of it could possibly be carrying over to game day.

I guess RG3 is a bust even with a solid o line cause he aint winning. Mike Vick aint even a starter material anymore - what his winning percentage ?? Lets not even get started with other greats that never made it - bottom line is if Matt is floundering with a healthy cast we may have an issue.

Did anyone see Denver play defense last night ?? Having a defense certainly makes it easier for a QB to win doesnt it - how many more posessions would Atlanta get if they could simply make a stop once in a while - oh, yeah, thats right, we have quite a few guys out for the year. I guess its Matts fault too.

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I saw a bunch of weak outclassed prima donnas wearing Falcons Uniforms.

And there it is folks.

Examine this comment and By Gawd you get to the root of the problem.

"We have the Pedigree" Roddy White

"You are the Pedigree Poodles" Karst41

Poodle Boy never used that term again.

Yes folks it was I who stomped the guts out of Roddy Whites delusional ego.

Football is a game that is played by men who know how to STFU and Play.

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