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This Team Built To Sell Tickets Not Win

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That's not cool....... we should always support the team.

No. That is the dumbest and worst possible answer. That's the answer of a blind homer who says "oh well, maybe next year" after they lose the NFCCG.

Take it from a Mets fan. Mets fans are on the verge of burning down Citi Field if (when) they don't sign any big FA's as they've promised to do for the past 3 years. They're losing ticket holders and the stadium will be a GRAVEYARD in 2014. Mets fans are hoping and praying this forces the Wilpons to sell the team.

The ONLY power a fan has is to not buy the product. That's the only revolt we have and the only way things can change.

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Trying to "show them" or teach them a lesson and to boycott them because of losing does not make sense to me. If we don't support them, they can just move to another city where they are supported and appreciated. No city is guaranteed to have a pro team. Be thankful you have one and support them by spending money on them. Our fan base already has a bad reputation, so can we stop feeding into that and giving people reason to think it's true?

Look at Cleveland as a good example. They have been one of the most dedicated fan bases win or lose.

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Not true . Not with fickle Atlanta fan base

Atlanta fans want super stars . They cheer Kobe , Chris Paul , Lebron

You couldn't find a seat when Vick was QB

Winning is a tradition . We have been regular season winners for years with Braves and they still had low attendance figures and past 5-6 years with Ryan we been winning but never approached attendance figures with Vick

I love the revisionist history.

When Vick was the QB you could find a seat.

It was usually the last games of the season in Mora's 2nd and 3rd year when the team would quit.

In Mora's 1st year and when Reeves was coach with Vick those were hot tickets... they were not as much at the end of Mora's last season

This is Atlanta... a superstar will draw people in but in the end winning is what sells tickets.

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