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What Happened At Taco Mac 126 Sec


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If they play like this next season, would you still make the trip to London?

Honestly dont believe they will. There will be some changes after this season. But yes, I probably would I will be there for the rest of the home games this year and I will renew my tickets I hope to see improvements by next year

if nothing else it will be an experience I havent had before and there is Ireland to recoup if it goes bad

As for this year and game I am still at peace because I am not expecting a lot from them

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All us that have been Falcon fans for a few decades or more, know this type of season all

too well.

The tough part is knowing exactly how we got here.

Let us enjoy watching all the Rooks take their lumps this year because

next year they are going to dish it out.

You hit the nail on the head with that one. I think that is what frustrates me the most about this season. I know we had issues in prior season, but my word those must have been some huge band-aids to cover THOSE issues!!!

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