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Falcons Fans Are In Denial About Julio Jones!

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Falcons can't afford to lose Julio Jones . They will have to over pay him or the trade for him will go down as one of the biggest draft blunders in NFL history . Julio Jones will be a Falcon for next 10 years but he will more then likely be on ir for about 3 of them

hmm. Julio has been on ir just as many times as Dez. And he went on there with a broken finger. If that ain't pussified I don't know what is. He hurt his finger and was put on ir
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Julio will most likely resign with Atlanta. He knows what he is capable of and Matt Ryan throws the ball more to Julio than anyone else. Which is why he led the NFL in receptions before he got hurt. So, there is no way he was playing 3rd fiddle to anyone. He was officially the number one target, at the start of the season. I'm not hating on my boy Vick, but you are saying other fans are delusional and you still have a picture of Michael Vick like he has helped this team any lately. Then you blast the fans for being delusional and Julio not wanting to play for the team, you sound delusional when it comes to the topic. Just saying...........................

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Is there a way to disable the OP from starting any more threads?


This type of weak, spineless, pie back mentality is what's wrong with, not only this fan base, but the franchise.

First sign of friction you guys just close your eyes and wish everything would go away. Just like Matt Ryan.

It's gotta stop.

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